What to Bring to Drive Home Today

  • Proof of Gross Income:
    * Employed – Two Recent Pay Stubs (must be dated during previous 30 days).
    * If self employed – Two months of recent bank statements. (We do not take tax returns)
    * If on SSI or other Fixed income – Bring in your current year’s award letter.
  • Proof of Residence:
    One of the following items. Electric Bill, Gas Bill, Cable Bill, Water Bill, Trash Bill, Phone Bill, Cell Phone Bill, Major Credit Card Bill, Mortgage Statement, Bank Statement ) Must be in your name and have current address on it, dated during previous 45 days and NOT IN Disconnect Status or Final Notice.
  • If you have a Bank Account:
    Bring most recent Bank Account Statement. For Auto Payment Bring a Voided Check.
  • 5 Verifiable References:
    Must be complete with Name, Phone Number, Address, City, State, Zip Code. Address CANNOT be a PO BOX . A reference cannot be someone that lives with you, all references must live at different address and all have different phone numbers then one another.
  • Proof of Full Coverage Insurance:
    Maximum of $500 Comprehensive & Collision Deductible With Lien holder listed as addition insured,We’ll provide lien holder information. (Insurance is Not Due till Signing).
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